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Hi! Just a bit about me - am a native of South Dakota but raised in Denver, CO. Came back to SD and reared seven children on a farm near Murdo, SD. Graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Black Hills State Univ., and a Masters Degree from the University of SD. Started painting in high school, Commercial Art. Have painted in several mediums; oil, acrylic, watercolor, charcoal and pencil. Enjoy several types of work such as still life, imagination, plenaire, and from photos.
I believe that being a musician, (violin, accordian, guitar and keyboard), helps tremendously with the development of creativity.
Having raised seven children, my talents regarding pattern design were also brought out! So, it has and continues to be a very exciting life.
Please feel free to enjoy the paintings already on the site and I will be uploading new ones quite regularly. Sincerely, Eunice Joffer


"Self Portrait"

This is a "self portrait".

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"Montana Scene"

.My Grandsons, Zach and Zane, are depicted in the lower portion of thi ...

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